Friday, September 16, 2016

Peek At Our Week 4

Some of our fun moments from this week...

WARNING!!!!!! My two youngest did a snake dissection this week. The pictures are at the end of this post. If you are squeamish you have been warned!! Just so everyone knows my children did not kill this snake. They found it on the road while riding bikes. My kids don't just kill animals. It is a common site to find snakes ran over in this area we live by an old highway and a lot of wooded areas. If the snakes are in good condition my son enjoys showing off his knowledge of all he has read about over the years by taking them apart especially if it is one he has never gotten to see up close and personal. In this case a rattle snake which no one wants to see up close and personal!!

Damian had fun making mozzarella cheese and eggs benedict this week in science. For the cheese we used this kit and for the eggs we just snagged a recipe off line. 

I truly love when Damian does stuff with the other kids. They are all oil and water so anytime I can see them playing or working together is great!

We have never attempted to make cheese before I am sure it wasn't perfect but we followed all the directions....

Getting all the whey out was hard work. Really time consuming!

Didn't make as much as it said it would. Took a whole gallon of milk for very little outcome but he seemed to enjoy making it. 

He used his cheese the next day on his lunch. It did not shred very well at all so he just cut up slices for it! If we ever do it again I will be buying cheese cloth to make it easier. This kit did not come with it and I feel the whole thing would have been way easier if we had some. 

All of my kids use this ball for something! They are very helpful. I notice they will read and do all kinds of things while moving it. He also made some eggs benedict. I am not an egg eater, I can scramble eggs for the boys that is about it. Damian is enjoying making and trying new things with his science. 

I have never seen pouched eggs so this was a learning experience that is for sure.

It really seemed like a lot of work for some eggs and Canadian bacon but what do I know? He ate the majority of it and Skyler finished off the ham. I doubt we will make it again he said it was all right but he ate it and the other kiddos tried it so I am pretty thrilled!!

Fox has been using the Lego Chain Reactions book as part of his science and for a book that thrilled him when he first spotted it has turned into a big aggravation! Fox has been a Lego fan since he was tiny and I cannot begin to tell you how many Legos he owns. Every year for birthday and Christmas he gets several sets so to say we have a few is an understatement. 

The book supposedly comes with the uncommon pieces and it comes with quite a few but the rest that every Lego collector supposedly owns is not true at all. After a few projects he couldn't go any further. At the end of the book you are suppose to set up all the machines and use them together well there is no way for that to happen either as they use the same pieces in quite a few. 

Needless to say he was disappointed.

Skyler is still moving along with her Multiplication Games by The Thinking Tree. She is doing well. She just seems to forget her facts all the time!

My children do school everywhere!

Alongside her Kitty Doodle journal she planted some catnip! The link for that catnip plant is not the one we have but the same outcome. 

Nature Drawing!!!! She decided to actually go outside today instead of using a drawing book. 

Skyler and Stella Luna doing her current events page.

This is her tattoo she got at anime club. It has something to do with fairy tales is all I understood! At pottery this week she painted her plate and used bubbles to make a pattern. It was pretty cool to see that in action. I can't wait until I see the final product!!

Her stepping stone was also ready to come home! GOOD JOB SKYLER!!!!

Now for the snake!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the long thing!

IT IS HUGE!!!! I think my dog Zeus felt it was a snack maybe?

I will say I know nothing at all about snakes other than they freak me out. Both my boys would adore a pet snake but I am a firm believer that they should live in nature! They have done several dissections before including a shark but this thing right here stunk something awful! I had a rough time taking the pictures the smell was that bad! 

That was pretty much it for our week! Hope everyone else had a great week too!!!!

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