Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Skyler and her Kitty Doodle Journal

Skyler had seen The Thinking Tree Kitty Doodle Journal and begged for it so I just had to have it for her. I was thinking a journal she was thinking a complete theme!! She is my daughter after all!!! I was reminded last night how I rock themes and I will say it is completely true. From the time I was young I wanted everything to go together and match up so Skyler gets it honest. This is all about how we used our journal to build Skylers curriculum.

So the race was on to find cats, cats, and more cats for her school!! I started with science and was delighted to find these...

They are cat or cat theme so she was all in. The kitty doodle journal only lasts six weeks or so but between co-op and the days she has big cat day I figure I can stretch it out until nine weeks hopefully. I plan nine weeks at a time. For the two Professor Astro books I will also have science kits that are not cat theme exactly but physics and space.

Now for the math pages of her journal. I mostly found stuff that was pretty below her to start off. I was happy to find these until I got them. They are a bit more mathy than I had thought so we usually do it together. I know right off she was doing binary code and then we did square roots. These are things I am very rusty on but we muddled through!

Regardless they are cat theme and she is having a blast!!

This year she wanted to learn to make games on the computer so we found this book on Amazon and was happy to find there is a free web site as well, so computer class planned! There is a cat on the cover!

For the nature pages and drawing pages she picked this book.

So this is kinda artsy right? My kids love step by step drawing books and do pretty well with them. As for other artsy things I found these..

She also had fun making this at pottery.

Now for fun books, it can't all be learning right??

These were just fun cat theme type books for her.

Now for the copy work type journal pages she picked these books.

These are poems and funny sayings and she loves them. She uses them for copy work in her journal and just likes reading them.

Now on to one of my favorite subjects history!

I kind of had a hard time here there isn't much I could find it felt like. Not that she would enjoy reading anyway. She has liked these books all though Mummy Cat was pretty short she has enjoyed them.

Now for this book,

I also got this kit to go along with it. She can work on these little projects whenever the mood strikes.

Now other than the journal itself, this book is amazing!

It has it all. Cat literature, cat science, cat history, cat geography and so so much more! Not too mention it is just about the coolest book I have ever seen. I love these fold out, piece moving type books and this one is just breathtaking!

Last but not least for just a bit of nature in the house she also has a cat nip plant.

For her film pages she has enjoyed Cats 101 and My Cat From He!!. I don't exactly like the name of the show but it is pretty interesting and she has learned quite a bit. She has learned quite a bit from be truthful and enjoyed them both as well.

She learns quite a bit from her Stella Luna as well.....

Stella Luna is named for the baby bat in the book Stella Luna who lost her mommy. Our Stella came from Big Lots by their entrance. It was a December morning when a van pulled up and a cashier coming on duty watched them kick her out of a van and drive off. The manager had said they were calling animal control. The poor tiny thing was sitting by the door shaking like a leaf when we walked up. She saw Skyler and ran right to her and they have been best friends ever since. 


  1. I am so impressed with this study! It looks fabulous. Too bad we can't all do such awesome school!