Friday, October 7, 2016

Peek At Our week 7!!

Here are some highlights from our week and what we do when Mother Nature takes over! Always remember, we plan and God well, he laughs!!!

For Damian he made cabbage juice indicators in chemistry. We tested the PH of bread, vinegar, oil, water and a few other things as well. The smell of cabbage still turns my stomach by the way!

He also made some ice cream in a bag. He did not enjoy this it was messy and cold he said!

Fox is moving right along in his journal. He much prefers doing school in another room away from the other kids. This no longer bothers me. It really did at first. He is that kid that needs his own space. Fox has always marched to his own drummer separate from us by still near by. 


He also had to make some ice cream as well. I am still working on the shirt thing but he sees no reason for them while he is home. 

Skyler is finishing up the Physics type book she had picked for her Kitty Doodle journal and today we weighed air. 

She used her ice cream making cup instead of plastic bags! Glad I got this cup on clearance is all I am going to say about it. It was a fun use one time thing. 

Her new science type book has to do with space. So space is where we are headed next! She also took a pile of boxes and made her cats a house. I think the cats are appreciating their new house!

By Thursday we knew Hurricane Matthew was on his way. We spent the day cleaning the yard, fighting the masses at Walmart for some water and non cooking food!

A note on planning, I planned and I planned, but who can plan the weather? I was wanting to do a big unit on weather in the Spring. I was going to plan it all out, they were going to make awesome notebooking pages...... Well the hurricane was now, the interest was now so we learned NOW! If I had just stuck to the plan by Spring the memory, the excitement it would be long since gone and forgotten. 

We decided to make Friday a hurricane day! I have a ton of weather science kits and it is time they use them! We watched some movies and read a book and did science all day! This had all been thrown together very quickly with no plan at all! I ran by the library got a book a few movies and had all these kits already. No notebooking pages, no writing and no lapbooks. Just us learning as we go doing hands on stuff! 

We also followed the hurricane on the TV as well as facebook. The kids learned about Hurricane Andrew which was the big one that I remember. We prayed for Haiti after learning how devastated Matthew had left the area. We also found out hurricanes have a place in nature and they happen for a reason. 

While we still had power at lunch time the kids still ate their hurricane lunch as they called it. They had bottled water, PB&J, chips and some yogurt covered raisins. 

Lunch upside down? Why not??

Our new weather station.

The kids had fin with the tornado in a bottle. We had never done it before so they had a blast. 

Let's catch a wave!

Seeing what happens when warm air meets cold air.

This is a water evaporation chamber.

This is a barometer.

So our plans didn't fall into place. Looking at the schedule we are, GASP!!!!! Behind!!! Did they learn this week? Of course they did. I have learned one big thing about being a homeschooler take advantage of the world around you. Learning can be found everywhere when you just look for it. It isn't always on a schedule or a test. Reading a textbook about a hurricane is way different than watching one unfold in front of your eyes. Reading about being prepared is again so different than going to Walmart seeing the empty shelves, seeing the town parking lots full of campers from people who have had to evacuate their homes and seeing posts online from other friends who are in different areas of the path. 

It was a good week!

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