Friday, March 24, 2017

Peek At Our week 25

     I love seeing my kids sitting around the table working quietly! It is a rare occurrence after all. This week has been full of projects, new journals, of course and some library volunteer excitement! 

  Since Fox has been reading the space theme Horrible Science book he is also enjoying the science kit along side of it. This week he made an asteroid and we learned how craters are formed on the moon. 

     I think it came out pretty neat with the way the colors all stayed and didn't mix. 

     We dropped it in a box of flour and yes it was messy! But the dips in the flour that it left behind were pretty cool to see. 

     Fox is also still reading through his First Form Greek books. 

     Skyler was able to participate in an adorable little Pete The Cat program the library put on. It was awesome to see her volunteering and helping out. My kids have all grown up doing the library programs and now they get to go behind the scenes!

     They also had an art contest for cat drawing and I am proud to say Skyler won!!!! She got an adorable Pete The Cat stuffed animal and a bag of goodies as well as a book to make! Her art is #5

     The kids also got the newest journal Yum-School cooking! They had a blast making banana bread from scratch. Skyler also enjoys the coloring book part of course!

     Skyler is still working through her science kits about the different regions. I thought these went well with her animal journal. This week it was polar regions. She learned about the polar divers such as penguins. How their bones help them be better divers. 

     Fox also got this Wonderology build a FM radio kit. While it was pretty simple to put together no matter what we do we can't really get it to work. The kit was also just directions. It didn't really explain anything about how radios work or anything else. All in all I wish I hadn't bought it I felt it was pretty worthless. 

     Fox has been reading a book about Alexander Graham Bell and in the book he was able to make an actual working model of the first phone. This was an awesome buy and worth every penny! He pulled this out at his birthday to show it off and continues to play with it. 

     This is a cute drawing Skyler made in her animal journal that I just had to show off! I just love her creativity. 

      I hope everyone else had a beautiful week as well!

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