Friday, March 10, 2017

Peek At Our Week 23

     NEW JOURNALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Skyler is using the All About Animals Journal and Fox is using the Just For Teen Guys Journal! I love starting new journals and picking new books! I think they love it too they just don't wanna say so! Of course these books are by The Thinking Tree. Our school days are becoming more and more along the lines of fun-schooling lately. The kids are doing better with it, they are actually remembering what they have learned. Fox is reading more and more books which is just a miracle in itself! Skyler as always has picked things that deal with animals. 

      Fox as usually is very history heavy! 

     We were blessed by being sent First Form Greek as a review item and he will start that this week as well!

     Skyler has also gotten the new Pignapped book by The Thinking Tree. This book is a bit different than the typical journal and I am sure she will love it!

     I love seeing my kids doing school together! They can be so peaceful at times. 

     This is a very cool book. It also includes a project to build by Edison. 

     I will always adore the artwork in The Thinking tree products! 

     Skyler has also gotten a new review item! She has had a blast this week reading this book and using the online study guide!

     She just had to draw about it in her new journal as well!

     Fox had fun making his project as well. It was all about how to make moving pictures. He was truly impressed and so was Skyler. They must have played with it for hours.


      Fox had fun listening to the Greek DVD he said the sounds were just out of this world and he couldn't imagine speaking like that! 

     Skyler also made Peach Melba! This was from her Bessie's Pillow book guide. 

I just have to share a few pages from these new journals! They are just wonderful. 

     All in all great and FULL week!!