Saturday, March 18, 2017

Field Trip!!!!!

     We had an amazing day at the museum for all things geology! There were many games to play and I was pretty pleased she was answering so many of these things correctly! The museum does this every year and every year it is pretty fun! They also added a few new things this year so that was even better.

     Here she is looking at sand from under the microscope which is a very cool thing to do. It looks so much like glass. This is one of our favorite things here every year because the guy always has sand from all over the world. It is fun to compare them. 

     As usual the stuff you can touch is the coolest!

     Something new we did not know was that some type of rocks glow under black lights and that is how you can tell them apart.

     This is her utmost favorite thing to do. She stays for the longest here and always goes back again before we leave. It is a regular sand box with the help of some program and viewer changes the scene according to how the kids move the sand. They can make mountains with snow, volcanoes, rivers, lakes and so on. I would want one of these in my back yard!

     Here we got to learn about removing oil from animals during an oil spill!

     This tasty fun teaches you about core drilling!

     She won this cool movie from a spin the wheel game!

     They made rocks for this activity. 

      This was a new thing. It was a bus you went into and learned about animal habitats and how trash breaks down and the benefits of recycling. 

     This was the last thing we did it had bottles of stuff to show how water filters itself in rivers. 

     It was as usual a totally fun day and she is already asking to go next year! I really like this museum and all the fun stuff they put on!

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