Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Skylers Newest Gig

     We went to North Florida Animal Rescue today to set up appointments for our animals to be fixed! I cannot stand to see the scared little faces of all the strays and shelter animals that simply have no homes. I knew when we walked in Skyler would fall in love as soon as she saw the kitten room, I was right. I knew she would ask if she could go pet them, I was again right. I knew she would want to stay forever, and without fail I had to beg for her to leave the room. I was not shocked when she told them she wanted to come back every day. I was shocked when they told her she could.....  So she is planning on going once a week to help out and volunteer wherever she can. 

     She literally had a lap full of kittens. This is her joy and her hearts delight. She adores animals of every kind but it is the cats that have her heart. She is beyond thrilled to be allowed to go and help every week. I am so proud of her giving heart and kindness she has. I hope she will learn even more about animals since it is such a joy for her. I have one who fell in love with criminal justice and she is on her way to law school. Maybe this one will be a veterinarian. Whatever she decides I hope she has a blast on her way there. I once read "If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life". 

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