Friday, December 23, 2016

Our Laundry Room Redo

     Even though this is Christmas week I have decided we can still learn about stuff, so we finished up redoing the laundry room. This "little" project was started in July by the way. I had done all my research, I had read blog after blog and searched pinterest until my eyes were going to pop out. This would be easy peasy! Not, Not, NOT!!!!!!!!!  Did I mention that everything I read online had not prepared me for the drama that would become my laundry room?

     I truly wish I had taken better before pictures, but this is it. Hopefully you can get an idea.

     See the top of the wall there? That is trim and that trim is just blahhh in my opinion so out it came. Now according to what I read it was just nailed up there easy to remove....... They lied! There were huge gaps between the ceiling and the wall. I mean easily able to put my hand in it. So that had to all be fixed. Thank God for my handy dandy Uncle Jason. If I had tried this alone I would have been in tears at this point as well as clueless. 


     Years ago a tree had taken out quite a bit of this room and it seems like the fix it man my parents paid dearly for had literally patch worked walls and covered open broken seams. So much prep had to go into the walls to smooth them out and it never did get perfect but it still turned out 100% better than what it was when we started.

     The gaps are gone! The walls are actually walls now!! I truly never believed such excitement could be had for mere walls. 

     New light fixture too. So I picked my colors and the painting began. For that I totally enlisted my son Fox. To him painting rooms is not a job. We wanted to get all that done before we tackled the floor. 

     The floor for sure had to go at that point. So out with the peeling up linoleum and onto the floor level.

     This is liquid level and it is awesome looking! It dried and kind of looked like swirled concrete. My kids were in awe when it knew to stop at the carpet!

     That dried for about twelve hours and we were on to laying the floor.

     This stuff is just awesome and had great reviews so here is hoping that it all comes out peachy! So after all the hard time consuming work I finally have what I call a pretty laundry room. I still need to get some paint touched up here and there and some awesome decorations of course, but for now the baskets help make it look great in my opinion. 

     My trim all matches now.

     The door that covers my hot water heater became a framed chalk board. The switch cover I ordered has yet to come but I just couldn't resist taking pictures and posting this room. Beyond washing that door I don't know what I can do to spruce it up though. Maybe in the future it can be replaced. 

     The floor looks great as well. New laundry baskets for my new room too. This week we learned a ton about putting down flooring and Fox even helped my uncle build steps for my front porch. So even during Christmas we can still learn a thing or two. 

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