Friday, January 20, 2017

Peek At Our Week 16

     This was a pretty laid back week. We are still in the "I want to be on vacation mode". It is so hard after you have had weeks off. I say every year never again but they are just so fun!

     Skyler is still working away in her Minecraft journal from the Thinking Tree. 

     I think the coolest thing this week was making a popcorn cooker out of soda cans. Sadly we never could get it to actually work which was a big let down. We had seen a bunch of videos on you tube, and followed all the directions but no luck :( I did of course get a bunch of pictures though!

     We wound up using 3 candles and while the oil heated and you could hear the bubbling the corn never did pop. That was pretty much the excitement of our week. We went through the motions and tried to get the basics done! 

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