Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Magical Field Trip

     This weekend we had an amazing field trip with some amazing friends! I can just say it was magical. We went to the Florida Museum of Natural History. They had a whole day dedicated to Magical Creatures and an exhibit for wicked plants! Can we say Harry Potter Day!!!!! We even snacked on food straight out of the books! 


     These girls are for sure fast friends and way too cute to be together!! For the Magical Creatures the museum had posters set up all over the place that we had to hunt down for a scavenger hunt. They compared the magical creature with the muggle versions! 

      They also posed for goofy pics as well!

     They played guess the plant for herbology!


     Of course they had to make their own wands!

     Those girls are just too wonderful for words! After all that hard work we were all starving so time for some really cool food!

     It is an elder wand!

     Polly Juice Potion jello shots!

          Had to have butter beer!!!

     Let's not forget the treacle tarts either!

     Since the girls completed all the activities they got their awards buttons!! YAY GIRLS!!!!!!!!

     After lunch we were on to the Wicked Plants!! Perfect for herbology class!!  We learned all about the dangers of different plants and the disasters they can all cause.

     The amount of pictures of everything we saw could not be posted! It was an amazing day to say the least. It was truly magical and even better since we shared it with wonderful friends. I mistakenly opened my mouth telling Skylers friend about the year we had Magic School. So of course she gave me that look and both girls wanna do it! I may have gotten myself into planning some more classes!! Cauldron Cooking anyone??

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