Saturday, May 21, 2016

Thinking Tree Review!!!!

I am completely thrilled to be reviewing another amazing product from Miss. Sarah at The Thinking Tree. She was so kind to give this book to Skyler in exchange for a review. We have been so blessed by her kindness this school year. My plans for these books for next year are in the making! 

This book is different than the journals. It is a creative writing and research book. The kids pick their animal and they can either research it or make up stories about it. Skyler LOVES telling stories. Writing them not so much. What we do is before she writes we rough up an outline so to speak. This is all her ideas none are mine. At this point while yes I believe grammar is important I am also wanting her to enjoy writing so we are just focusing on that. 

Let the creative juices flow!! So far she has done two stories but has ideas for quite a few more!

Isn't the art work beautiful? This book is black and white drawings and of course Skyler had to color them!

After the first story she came to me and said, I used pencil to fix whatever you say. That is when I knew I had to not say LOL. This is for her to enjoy to have fun to be creative and enjoy the process. This is not a lesson in how to be right. So you can see by the second story she happily used her pink pen and wrote much more!! WIN WIN!!!! 

This is the first lesson I have learned from Miss. Sarah, it is not always about doing it  the right way it is also about letting our kids go at times and just have fun with it. There is so much in life that has to be the right way, that causes kiddos undo stress. Let them play, let them write, let them just be kids!! While this was a free product in exchange for a review I am giving you my most honest heartfelt opinion!! 

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  1. I love it! She must really enjoy writing. And good job just letting her write and enjoy it.

  2. That is a great idea. I would love to see some of the stories if she decides she wants to share any.

    1. both of the ones she has written so far is right here