Friday, May 20, 2016

Peek At Our Week!! Week 11 Semester 2

The week was busy and full as usual! Damian has finally moved into another math book, Fox and Skyler both have passed lessons in theirs and we had our last week of co-op. No pottery this week that was a nice little afternoon off! We also went to learn about bats at the library! We love bats, this is the second field trip this year that has had to do with bats! 

We do school all over the house!! Damian is still working in his new journal, review to come soon I hope, time permitting that is. 

Skyler is still working in her journal for 2 by The Thinking Tree. She has also doing her creative writing in her writing research book also by The Thinking Tree (My Review). It is animal based so you know it must have been made for her.

We also watch cats play when we are bored LOL. 

Forgive the mess but my children are busy making memories. We live here it is not perfect all the time. I aim for empty trash, washed laundry and happy kids on most days! On to our field trip. BATS BATS BATS did I mention we love bats!!!

Fossils are always cool.

Blurry pic but this little guy is just heart stealing. Bats are amazing creatures so if you have issues with them take some time to research them. They are also more closely related to humans than rats, who they have nothing genetic wise in common with. So calling them rats with wings is fairly uneducated!!

For co-op we had homework! We had to build a machine to squeeze toothpaste out of the tube. This is what my very un creative kiddos came up with and yes I am proud. Fox is my builder so this was a challenge for them.


For co-op this week it was all about electricity. All of the activities we did plus more are posted on the amazing Miss. Shannons site.  

Look at Damian HE IS LAUGHING!!!

We learned about static electricity what fun! The little girl above really enjoyed her self!

Played a game about the flow of electricity when we flip the light switches. 

We lit lights with a battery and played with some snap circuits. 

It was the last co-op class. That was kinda sad cause we had so much fun. I loved all the new moms I met and cannot wait to see them all again.

To finish up our week Fox and Skyler made Miss. Shannons Egyptian Bread. We learned this in another co-op run by Shannon a few years ago and it is a favorite for Fox. He also completely adores Shannon so that is why it is called her bread not just bread!

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