Monday, May 23, 2016

MAM Monday week 12 semester 2

This Monday we had No art! We spent a big portion of the day putting together the Homeschool In The Woods Composers Lapbook. We also listened to music and of course did our math project. 

For the project this week the kids designed logos, made menus and a graph page of the cafe they are running. They seemed to do really well! They enjoyed picking out where on the graph the items in their cafe would be as well as getting to design logos and uniforms. 

For their music today we just listened to classical while we put the lapbook together. This thing took a lot of glue. About four glue sticks total. She was pretty pleased with the outcome. 

It was a fun study all in all. It was a lot of information so I am sure they will look back to it as reference in years to come. That was pretty much it for our Monday!! Happy week everyone!!!!!!

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