Friday, May 13, 2016

Peek At Our Week!!! Week 10 semester 2

Well we had no MAM Monday yesterday since we had doc appts. We had a full week though that is for sure!! Co-op, new Thinking Tree Stuff, pottery, fairy gardens and too much busy life stuff!!

These are Skylers cool newbies to try out!! We are very excited. 

This is Damians new book to try out. As we have only used these for a week now I will not do a review so much in this post. This is our week review so to speak and these babies right here deserve there own! So that will be on the calendar to work on next week. 

He hates the flash! He is working though so YAY!!!!!

Just so no one thinks Fox was left out he received a new journal as well but refuses to start it until this one is finished.

Here is a peek of a page Skyler and I did in her new journal for two! Here are all her fairy gardens we worked on this week. Most of these had been planted a while ago so they are just update pics then they're is the new one and and her stump full of flowers she is pretty proud of.

Here is her making the newest fairy garden. She saved up for a while for all her fairy stuff and her uncle Jason helped her quite a bit. 

For co-op this week it was all about gears and pulleys. Of course the amazing mom who runs this co-op posts all her stuff online!! 

So many activities!!!!!!! So much fun today! Next week is the last week so it has been a fun month long co-op.

In pottery this week the kiddos got to paint the bowls they had made last week.

Very fun very FULL week. 

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