Monday, May 16, 2016

MAM Monday week 11 semester 2

We started something new for math today. It is a math project with a cafe theme. It is a nice change of pace from the games and everyone got a candy bar!!

They do all kinds of math in this projects as well as get a bit creative and hopefully have some fun!!

We also finished our See The Light Paper Jungle. I really wanted them to take all the time they wanted finishing this up so no music today other than the CD of classical we listen too anyway.

That is a close up of Skylers project. The boys were not too thrilled with being called back for a picture!

We also had a visitor today. He lives out behind the barn and every now and then he actually comes right up to the house. So the kids bring him in and let him walk around sometimes then take him back. 

Yes Stella licks all her new friends!

Stellas fur also became the object of fascination for Skyler so she got out the eye clops to see it even closer!

We also set up her little one person tent so she can have her own hide away. She loves to build forts that sadly wind up having to be taken down so this is just perfect for her! Mischief seems to like it as well.

It is awesome and the best part FREE!!!!! We do a monthly home school swap where people swap stuff they no longer need or want and Skyler snagged this cool little tent. Being that it is pink that is almost a given!


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  1. Their art projects turned out amazing! Very proud of all of them. And I love the new tent too.