Sunday, April 10, 2016

Field Trips!!!!!!! During Spring Break

On Saturday we went to Camp fire cooking at Stephen Foster and had a BLAST!!!!! We heard some great folk music including a song titled "Do they still gather in White Springs"? It was beautiful. We heard a great story about Brer Rabbit and the Bull Aligator and it was just as funny as it was when I was a kid! We tried spider dogs, bodacious beans, sun tea and pineapple ring pancakes and it was all wonderful!! We had such fun with those ladies!!!

I learned how to save cast iron!!!!


Even Damian joined the fun!

Look at my shy girl! SHE WAS SINGING!!!!!! In front of a group of strangers!!!!!!!!! I was amazed

When did Fox become my biggest kid????

Pineapple ring pancakes topped off the night! We will for sure be making these at home.

On Sunday Skyler and I went back in time for Partake of the Past  at Dudley Farms

We got to learn what chores were like back in the day, earn some "bucks" and spend them at the General Store.

She made an old optical illusion toy called a 

Thaumatropes     She chose a fish in a bowl. 

She helped do laundry 

She helped churn butter 

This is a cool game parents used to teach young ones to milk cows

She grinded corn to feed the chickens and played with old timey toys 

She even helped plow a field!

Watered a garden with a gourd water pitcher

Weeded a rose garden that has been growing for decades

Made some coffee

all together she earned 8 bucks!!! Off to the General Store.....


Great weekend spent at great places!!!!!

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