Friday, April 29, 2016

Peek At Our week! Week 8 semester 2!!

I found the coolest pencils!! They are magic pencils and I love them! They shelf sharpen, self feed and are just plain cool! My kids are hard on pencils and like me they cannot tolerate writing without a perfect point. We go through many many pencils. I saw a facebook ad about these little babies and I am sold! I got them on sale so not sure how long that price is gonna last. 

Fox is still cruising on in his math and so is Skyler. I will say math u see fractions is way different than I remember learning them! We are of course still using our Thinking tree Journals and doing really well with them! Also Stella Luna doing school with Skyler has become the norm. 

All the kids are still moving through their dyslexic games, I have to remind Damian to slow down! I have also noticed that Fox is asking less and less which way a b or a d face. I still get asked but not as often. So progress progress!!! For whatever reason Stella Luna decided to stand in the corner several times this week so Skyler decided she was doing it because she is naughty!! 

We are still moving on with playing our Language Arts game as well. I try to do this daily it doesn't always happen. Life happens many days!! On this day Fox was the winner!!! YAY Fox!!! I have also decided that handing out prizes of their choice was going to get costly so after this week I am buying a bunch of mini candy bars and that will be good enough.

We also are still doing our co-op! This week was all about wheels and axles. They had fun. Ok I had fun. The amazing momma who does this knows that while I can teach groups I don't enjoy it much. I help where needed and play with all the wonderful tiny kiddos. I love kids all kids but I truly enjoy toddlers. They are so fun and hyper! Again all of her lessons are on her site but this is what we did this week. 

Damian won't sit on a floor but that is all right.

Edible screws!! What fun

This is a home made Archimedes screw and it was cool. The directions for making one is on her site in the lesson plans. 

Check out that little kiddo lift his momma!!!

The kids also built catapults for marshmallows and had a competition to see who's would go the furthest. 

We did many cool things this day I cannot possibly put up all the pics but I did take an awful lot of course. 

In pottery this week the kids finished up painting anything that needed to be painted. Skyler painted her spring theme wind chime. 

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