Monday, April 11, 2016

MAM Monday!!! Week 6 Second Semester

Well we played our math game as well as Speed. They seemed to get laughs out of Speed which I will consider it a win. We are still doing money type problems for our math game because I think working with money is a pretty needed skill!! I also have language arts games like the money game I am thinking of throwing in the mix this week as well. As much as I am liking the Thinking Tree Journals language arts is kinda skipped over in my opinion. They are great books though and I would recommend them to anyone. They are a wonderful addition!!! At some point I need to do a full review with them!

I decided today they could have tea with their math! I have also decided that everyone needs a math cat!

Today Skyler was our winner!!!!!!!!!!!!

They laughed quite a bit playing Speed!

Here they are working on the orchestra activity for home school in the woods composers. It is a pretty big activity so it will not be done until next week.

We also started the See The Light Paper Jungle DVD today. It looks pretty neat like the last project DVD it is 4 weeks long. We didn't do Home School In The Woods Artists today I felt this was enough art for one day!!

That was our Monday!! Happy Week Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

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