Friday, April 22, 2016

Peek At Our Week! Week 7 semester 2

We started a co-op this week. It is only 5 weeks and is on simple machines. We have continued on with Thinking Tree Journals and this week I had Damian join doing them as well. It is taking a while to get him on track so to speak! Fox ha finished more books!!!! Skyler moved up a lesson in her math and so did Fox. Damian is still working hard in math he is for sure my math struggler! But we keep on keeping on!!!

Skyler had great fun finding scented gel pens at the dollar tree! It is pink so you know in her eyes that just rules the world!!

They have been getting lazy with their math page in their journals so I told them they needed to use a book or some of our math stuff and do something with the pages instead of drawing a house over and over! This is Fox looking up different types of graphs in one of our books.

Damian is doing the current events page of his journal here.

Fox is enjoying some drawing nature time outside in the yard. We have A LOT of nature out here in the middle of no where. Lately he has been drawing every tree in our yard. This could easily take a year there are just that many! This is just the side of our porch.

The co-op we joined is being led by my amazing friend Shannon. She is a wonderful teacher and my kids just adore her. Sadly Fox wanted nothing to do with it this week. Some times he is a joiner and other days he just wants to be alone. I was pretty shocked Damian wanted to come and actually do co -op. He is not a joiner and usually shies away from groups. So while this isn't his target age exactly I don't care he wanted to go so enough said right there!!! This week we learned all about inclined planes and wedges. Again all of the credit goes to Shannon none is me!!! Her website can be found here and she kindly shares all her lessons plans!! Told ya SHE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!

It was a very fun day!!! It also happens on Thursday mornings so as soon as it is over we are off to pottery. Today pottery was outside in the fresh air!! We brought along Zeus for company. Zeus is my dog and the kids will tell you that as well but next to me he loves Fox best!! He has no issue picking his favorite either. For pottery the kids finished up their wind chimes. All the pieces were finally put together to make something pretty awesome in my opinion!


This is a math center I own and it sits there and collects dust sadly. Well this week I said NO MORE!!! So no lazy math journal pages. Skyler picked one of these activities to do on her journal page.

She made the design then drew it into her journal! She called it an Indian blanket!! So pretty good week!!

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