Monday, March 21, 2016

MAM Monday Week 5 Semester Two

     Today we had our MAM Monday! Math, art and music fun!!! We played our math game as usual then added another called Speed. Speed is a pretty cool math game for multiplication. I think the best thing about it is that it is a quick game. I have found my kids do not like sitting for hours on end. For a review of Speed please go to Cathy Duffy Reviews and there is also a neat little video on You Tube!
It wasn't a bad math morning so WIN WIN!!!

So here we are playing the money cards. I am realizing this week it is time to get some new cards made up these have been through a few times now!

Doesn't everyone have a math cat helper???

And the winner this week is............

Here are Damian and Skyler playing Speed. Once they got the hang of it things were pretty well. Hopefully this will aid in the multiplication area!

We continued on with our Homeschool in the Woods Composers study as well. This week our activity was to pick a few composers, listen to their pieces and make notebooking pages. The notebooking pages included a spot to draw what the piece makes you think of so of course Skyler was all on that!!!

Fox is doing his listening part

Damian is doing his looking up composer part

And Skyler is doing her what I think of with this piece part. It was Mozart, Go figure!!!

For art this week I changed things up a bit. I used the Teach Yourself to Draw art, science and creative writing workbooks. These books are by the same amazing woman who designs our Thinking Tree Journals. I picked the sea creatures book and the kids got busy. I let them pick whatever animal in the book they chose, I didn't tell them they had to do it in order or anything.

Fox chose the tiger shark, both Skyler and Damian chose the dolphin.

There are two books for each topic. The drawing book then the research handbook. The children just did the research handbook today!

Now as I am participating in the Homeschooling 6 Blog Challenge of Teach By Example I also did the research handbook of Sea creatures. I chose the turtle, I mean anyone who knows me knows I will always choose a turtle!

Again I ask, doesn't everyone have a school cat???? As you can tell an artist I am not!!! It is not about product it is about process! I am linking up with Homeschooling 6 for her Teach By Example Blog Hop!!!

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good job everyone on drawing!!!!

  2. How fun. Love your Mondays and what a great idea to use the research handbook! Hmmm. I might want to add one to my mom school days ;)

    Thank you for joining the Teach by Example challenge.