Saturday, April 16, 2016

Peek At Our week!!!! Week 6 Semester 2

Our week!!! It was a pretty average week. We did all the schooly stuff. We also added a language arts game. It is along the same lines of my math game. Some of our highlights were Skyler finishing up another dyslexia games book! She is now on book 3 series c soo YAY Skyler!!! Fox finishing another chapter book, which is BIG. Fox is not a reader, he hates reading so him finishing books for his journal is a BIG deal! Damian won the language arts game YAY Damian!!! We also wrapped up our week with a field trip to a new pizza place for FREE pizza day.

The cat is always near!

1000 Degrees was amazing!! This line took no time to move once they opened.

You get to watch them make your pizza, kind of like Subway.

Then they cook it in a 1000 degree oven. It takes 2 minutes!!!!

It was awesome pizza and all free for their grand opening. I thought it was really cool they gave everyone free pizza for a day. We will be going back, it is worth it and it wasn't all that expensive anyway.

They also got free shirts!!! Fox loves shirts LOL

Happy Week Everyone

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