Monday, March 7, 2016

MAM Monday

Our Monday was fun fun!!! We have finally finished the See The Light Sunflowers project this week. I don't say that as in a finally finished OMGOSH so glad it is over kinda way either. It was a really cool lesson, the kids learned quite a bit and the finished product is all kinds of adorable!!!

I will state right here and now that I am totally in love with Damians project!! He did amazing. The two years he had spent in school I was under the impression he had art. I was informed lately that he didn't. Just another notch on why i will never trust schools again! We have always done some type of art here. Crafts, making stuff or something or another has always been done. The younger two had atelier art last year, but not Damian as he was in school so again very proud of his work!!!

Not quite sure what was going on with Fox but he decided that his shirt needed to be a cape during our math game today!!

We are still using the math quiz game show but I have switched out the cards to be all money from another game I own. On paper the kids can add, subtract, multiply and divide money, it is the real life skills I am looking to improve right now. The counting back change, figuring tax etc.

This week Skyler is the game winner!!!!

They also started working through Dyslexic games series c book 6 which is math art and logic. We are mostly concentrating on the math stuff for that.

We also worked on another project from our Homeschool In The Woods composers, this week it was a timeline.

We ended our Monday with two under the blanket!! Doesn't everyone end their days like this?????

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  1. Their art projects look amazing! Beautiful job!