Friday, March 4, 2016

Second Semester Week 2, Peek At Our Week

All in all a full week! We did school, had pottery, went on a fieldtrip and a Dr. Seuss birthday party!!

So I can see some good things so far with the Thinking Tree Journals. They have caused the kids to get into stuff they normally wouldn't. They have to pick out videos and articles, basically stuff we didn't get to all the time. I would have to say Skyler is doing the best with them. She also LOVES LOVES LOVES Dyslexia games. She would do it all day long if possible! I have noticed whenever she has to pick a movie it is almost always a Magic School Bus. I have had to tell her she has to stray from her favorites and pick some different ones though. Fox of course is still picking anything history and right now has decided to work his way through The Horrible Histories cartoons!

What was really awesome is after the movie she decided to reuse some milk jugs as water sprinklers for her flowers.  She popped holes in the lids so the water would sprinkle out! Good Job Skyler!!!

Can I just do this all day long mom???? I hear this often with her.

I do feel her handwriting is already showing improvements.

Here is a nice view of all three working and being quiet!! This is not an often thing so I wanted a memory LOL!!!

Here is Skyler with the cat!!!! I love library programs!!!

In pottery this week Skyler is being taught about using molds and liquid clay. They are making eggs for the baskets they are working on. This is most likely the biggest project she has done and I am pretty excited she is moving on to bigger cooler things!!! I will also say her teacher is the coolest!!!

Now for our fieldtrip to Mosh in Jacksonville. I will say that Indianapolis Childrens Museum has spoiled me towards any other kids museum. I will also say this was small in my opinion but the things in it were VERY cool. I am in love with the da Vinci reproductions. They were completely amazing!!! I had to watch very careful but every time Damian didn't realize anyone was watching he actually participated and seemed to enjoy himself. I even suckered him into a few posed pics!! My boys say they are just too old for pictures!!!

There is just so much to see at the museum I cannot possibly put all the pictures up!  It was a fun day!

Would not have wanted to meet that shark!!!!

Like I said TONS more pics, these were just my favorites!!

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  1. We love The Magic School Bus too. My mama heart is always blessed to see my kiddos sitting at the table completing their work. I love seeing them run and play too but there is something about that quiet "getting it done" time that is so peaceful.

    Thank you for linking up!