Saturday, March 19, 2016

Peek At Our Week Second Semester Week 4

     So Linda at Homeschooling 6 has started a Teach By Example challenge with the Thinking Tree Journals. I have decided to give it a try!!


Not quite sure how it will work out, but hey if it gets the kiddos in a better mood to see mom do school then I am all for it!! I had bought the girls do it yourself journal as an extra for Skyler next year so I decided to go with that since it is a pdf and I can't print it out! So here are a few of my teach by example pages and my book choices. The book "Dead To The Last Drop" has recipes and is really cool! It is a book, with a story, plot all that but then recipes at the back. I cannot wait to try some bourbon sauce hot dogs!!

The Life Hacks book is pretty interesting as well.

Let me say first off I AM NOT AN ARTIST! I don't even play one on TV!!!! If I did it would be sad and I would need a stunt double to do it! I couldn't think of anything to write so I just started remembering favorites with my kiddos and it went from there. The kids thought it funny that I was doing school and that they were done before me. I thought that unfair. We had a short week no school on Thursday and Friday was homeschool swap day so it was a good start. I am sure next week will be harder and I will be reorganizing my pages so I do not have reading and a movie every single day!! Now onto their week....

Here is my little princess coming up with spelling words!

My boy taking his test for lesson 11 in MUS Epsilon GO FOX!!!!!!!

Skyler using her big sisters Bible Stories. I will admit my children do not like the Bible. They enjoy the story books though so I am OK with that. My oldest has her prized Bible from church when she was young and no one is allowed to touch it. They all have Bibles they just all prefer the story books!

We also gained a new house guest!

Meet Pumpkin

Never and I mean NEVER allow your child to play a game where they can possibly win a hamster. I never thought it would happen to us!

In her pottery class Skyler finished her Easter basket and is now starting wind chimes!

I am sure you all know it is Skyler with the pink basket!!!

I can't wait to see how the wind chimes turn out, so glad she is finally moving into more difficult projects!!!

This post is linking up with Thinking Tree Thursday!!! Hosted by the amazing Thinking Tree Momma Linda!!!! Be sure to check her out for all things Thinking Tree. I hope everyone had an amazing week!!



  1. You have a beautiful family. We have 101 Favorite Stories from the Bible somewhere. I need to get it out for Lance.

    I'm so glad you are taking the Teach by Example challenge,yay!!! Thank you for linking up and your kind words.


  2. I shared this post on my FB group :)

    1. I saw that it was awesome!!! I feel so giddy LOL we are having such fun lately!!!

  3. Looks like fun! I have a mom's journal from the Thinking Tree but finding time to work on it has been a challenge. I think I might go pull it out right now though since they are working quietly!