Friday, October 9, 2015

Week Six Review

Projects Projects Projects!!!!

The kids had to do an independent project and I must say I am pretty impressed. We do and make a lot of stuff, usually with me standing over them saying this goes here or there. Most stuff is put together projects from things I have bought or found online. This time they had to make their own rain forest. Fox was not thrilled at all. He did work hard though and he was done by Friday like I told him to be. He is not the most creative child but he tried and I am happy with the result. I am of course happy to have something else to decorate our school room with.

Good job Little Man!!!!

Skyler of course was pretty much A OK with this idea. She likes to make little worlds for her toys all the time.

Good job little one!!!

They also made paper bromeliads and South American masks out of plaster of paris from a mold set I got called Masks Around The World. This is a very cool little activity. Each continent has two masks to make.

Fox took all day painting this thing in layers. He would paint one color then let it dry, paint another and let it dry and on and on it went it was finally done and dry about ten that night.

We also did a virtual field trip to the rain forest using this video.

This was our first virtual field trip. The kids really enjoyed it.

Skyler liked making the paper flowers and putting the little animals in them. Fox was a good sport about it since I agreed when he was done he got to play x box first LOL.

Here is Skyler making her spelling cards for our Total Language Plus. We are doing The Hobbit right now.

Working on vocabulary pages for Total Language Plus.

Here is all my rug rats making lunch. Damian is still not to thrilled with being back at home. He still misses school and we are still trying to find things that work with him as far as curriculum goes. We will get there  I hope.

The only other new thing we are doing is Math Monday.

All of my kids struggle in math BIG TIME!!!! So I have decided that I am going to make Mondays math days. My kiddos hate hate hate word problems and have such a hard time with them as well. So we are using Mathtacular 4 word problems DVD and workbook.  We are also using Simply Charlotte Mason Your Business Math Series. We are doing the pet shop version. I plan to make this a bit more as time goes by so we can really get a lot of review in for problem areas but as usual starting slow so I don't overload!!!

They weren't too thrilled with word problems first thing in the morning LOL

Here they are making their product ordering plan out. They got t start off with 10,000 wish I had that to start out!!!! All in all it was an all right week.

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