Saturday, October 24, 2015

Field Trip!!!! Lubee Bat Conservancy

Today we went on a field trip to the bat conservancy place. They were having a bat festival and it was really cool! Other than bats we learned about quite a few things. I actually had all three kiddos today!

First we learned about bees.

Then we learned about manatees. We even got to hold a rib bone, a very heavy solid rib bone!

Next up there were butterflies!!

Skyler fell in love with a baby bat and had to adopt one LOL

Then onto the bat cave!!

Those were all fruit bats and they were GIANT! I had no idea they were that big. The last picture was a little guy right at the edge of the cage and every time we would talk his little ears would move back and forth. They were so awfully cute.

Skyler got to check her wing span out!!

It is 29 inches!! Yay Skyler

She also tried her hand at butter churning

Looked through some slides of different water from different places.

Got to see a bat close up as well. These are the types of bats we have out in our yard that every now and then we will see. These are native to the area

I could have just put that little guy in my purse and brought him home!!!!

Made some crafts

Pet a snake even

played with a tortoise

And saw a bat skeleton

It was an awesome filed trip. I am pretty sure they all had fun. The boys are just kinda past crafts and picture posing LOL

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