Saturday, October 10, 2015

Three Field Trips On One Day!!!!!!

I knew going in this would be a very very very looooong day!!! The morning started with scarecrows at Dudley Farms and was going going going all day long! It was a fun unforgettable day that is for sure.

Look at that cool scarecrow guy! I was for sure scared of him LOL. We learned about scarecrows today. Why do we have scarecrows, who were the original scarecrows, some history of scarecrows and did some scarecrow crafts! Skyler had fun the boys sat this one out. The volunteers that helped her were amazing. The farm was amazing as well. We had been there before but it was nice to go back. We love seeing all the old original things.

She made her own little scarecrow out of a cardboard tube,

She learned some history and got to play with various noisemakers that have been used to scare crows in the past.

She got to dress a scarecrow up too! I am sure that her scarecrow will scare the most crows away!!

Well, maybe her scarecrow is a nice scarecrow??

She also learned to grind corn and feed chickens!!

As I expected it was a fun day at the farm for her and for me too! On to Art In The Park at Stephen Foster . We seen some amazing artistic talent. I will say I really enjoyed the wood burning. I am hoping that may happen as a class in the future!

The couple who were doing this were just great. The talent they have is truly wonderful. Skyler adored her little wooden spoon she put a rooster on. I may have picked up a few little doo dads for a special granny for Christmas as well

Skyler made a dream catcher as well.

We got to talk all about the dream catchers. She was planning another for when we got home.

She got a picture with a giant racoon who teaches personal safety as well as finding Edgar the alligator for a free ice cream!!!

Because Skyler for sure needs that ice cream!!!!

After Art In The Park we went home for just a bit. Long enough to eat and grab my rough and tough boys for some outside fun! Learning about first aid in the wilderness. I will say that by the time we got here I was totally exhausted. I can barely remember everything I heard because it was just packed with info. He was very knowledgeable on the subject. He spoke like it was just second nature. I do remember smelling something like Vicks Vapo Rub and licorice though!! I did find out they have a book I may just look up at some point for my rowdy boys!!

I do remember sage burning helps with mosquitoes! I also remember some type of moss being good for cuts and such because it has penicillin in it. Let's just say I still am in no hurry to get lost in the woods anytime soon! All the while he did the presentation there was a lovely fire burning that moved my tiredness into down right sleepy mode!!!

I hope to never again do this many things in one day!!!

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