Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Skylers Ghost Town

My amazing friend Linda send me a blog link. This lady decided to make her own Halloween village. Of course my Skyler had to make her own as well. I am guessing from the pictures on her blog her kiddos are a tad bit younger than Skyler. Skyler pretty much did most of this on her own. Her brother helped her out a bit with the spray painting from time to time and I helped her be sure she was spelling words right. The plan for her town was originally MUCH MUCH BIGGER, it included a graveyard, a manor house, a planetarium, a bank and even a barber shop. I think all her ideas just kinda overwhelmed her with all the other things we have been up to lately so she kinda decided that what she had so far was enough.

We still have quite a few things left to be painted and such which we will pack up and finish next year. I noticed right away the cutesy little Halloween names she gave her buildings!!

So there is my kiddo painting her ghosties out of rocks!

Thank goodness we had some stuff saved for an upcoming recycle project!!!

As usual she got Fox to help with the not so much fun part she called it!

And here is her little town. She calls it Skylers Ghost Town

The Prickly Pumpkin Patch

The Ghostly General

The Pesky Pet Shop (you knew there would be animals right)??

The Spiders Skating Rink

The Miscief Mart LOL

The Monster Motel

The Leering Lighthouse

That is my girl always making and doing something!

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