Friday, October 16, 2015

Week 7 Oct 12-16

And with this post I will be completely caught up with our blogging for the new school year!!!! YIPPEE FOR ME!!! I am sure home school evals will go much simpler now! We started off our week with Math Monday. We are still working through Mathtacular 4 to help with word problems, and doing our business math. I am hoping things start to go a bit smoother so I can add some games or something else related to math.

Here are all my kiddos!!! While it is awesome having Damian home again I will say it has been trying. I regret ever putting him in school now. His learning not only had ZERO progress he has actually lost skills that took me so many years to build. I honestly have spent nights on the phone crying to my bff Linda about how sad I am and hopeless it feels. As usual she talked some sense in to me and now it is time to just work. I will say I now believe more than ever my childs' education will never be as important to anyone as it is to me!!!! We will find our way again and I know this!!

I truly believe the only reason Skyler is not freaking out about business math is because it is based on a pet shop LOL.

My Littlest Pet Shop girl <3

We are finishing up South America for geography as well as the rain forest for science. This week we wrapped up learning about some chocolate makers, Gertrude Hawk and Milton Hershey. I thought it important they hear of both genders!! We were shocked to learn of Mr. Hershey not starting out in the chocolate business. He had a few companies most of which went belly up! The first real money he made was with Lancaster Caramel, which they still so of course we bought a bag to try. I will say it was very good caramel :)

We of course did the whole math and reading stuff as well. Skyler decided to take her reader to the floor while Fox stayed at the table.

They each have readers they use. I don't really pay attention to grade levels or anything. It is hard work getting Fox to read so if he likes it I could care less what it is. Reading is reading to me!

The best thing this week was making our own chocolate!!!!! This kit was an awesome activity!

We did some research of course on the cocoa tree for our study.

Then we made some chocolate!!! Damian was more content watching than doing but that is all right! For now anyway eventually he will be expected to participate.

Can we say chocolate mouth!!!

Everyone of course enjoyed the final product!

That was pretty much the week. I am sure they are going to remember it for a very long time. I am praying really hard I can remember to blog every week about our adventures!!

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