Friday, October 23, 2015

week 8!! School, Pumpkins and chocolate cupcake day

We finally wrapped up our study of South America for geography and the rain forest for science! We complete A Journey Through Learning lapbook for South America We did a lapbook and notebooking pages for the rain forest. We got those from here, and here.  Both of them were free. We used these as a kind of guide of what to study about. Kind of a hard copy of all we did and read. We skipped Monday so no math day, kids were all broken up on that LOL

The rain forest study

The South America study

We also used this cool little book, Jacks Around The World to play a game the kids in South America play.

They were both terrible players but had fun with it anyway!!! They also gave written reports out loud and did not like it at all.

We also carved up some pumpkins, celebrated National Chocolate Cupcake Day and ordered a see through frog. In the amazon they have glass frogs. Pretty nifty little see through frogs! Well we found this cool little kit and decided to get our own!

YUMMMMMM chocolate!!!! Fit right in with our cocoa bean study!

And cinnamon sugar pumpkin seeds!!!

All in all GOOD WEEK!!!!!!!

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