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Our Review Of Drive Thru History

       We were so excited to be given the opportunity to review Drive Thru History Adventures with Dave Stotts. We were given a one- year subscription to this website that is so much more than just videos! There is curricula for American History, Ancient History and Bible History. All the videos offered have a Christian worldview. I knew my son would love the American History and I knew the girls would love the Ancient History so it was a joy having my subscription cover the entire site! You can check out all of the videos that are offered in the Adventures TV section of the website. My son is 16 and the girls are both 13 and this was just perfect for their ages. I would think almost any age could use it though depending on a childs attention span. 
Drive Thru History Adventures

      Drive Thru History Adventures is available to use on multiple devices as well! That is great for on the go families and kids who like to take it to their bedroom to watch! 

As of now there are three courses offered, Bible History which is 18 weeks, Ancient History which is 12 weeks and American History which is 12 weeks. There is also a new course in the works for Spring!! The lessons are reffered to as "Adventures". It is like going on a field trip for the kids! 

Drive Thru History Adventures

       The website is extremely easy to navigate which is such a plus for me. I really do not like over complicated pages where kids are concerned! Besides the videos which are just amazing by themselves there are also resources for each video as well. I again like history that is not in a dry boring textbook. I like the kids having visuals as well. The resources include some readings, art illustrations, discussion questions, worksheets and even a dig deeper section. I am not sure about your children but mine are in love with art! They love art books, art museums and historical art is their absolute favorite! 

      When you do decide to join you get a free one year subscription to Adventures TV. This part is just full of those cool extras! Short little videos on other topics are included here such as archaeological finds, special days in history even bloopers from some videos which are always fun to watch! There is also a section called "Daves Adventures" where he posts weekly update videos! He talks about his family life, calendar history and even answers questions sent in from viewers so that is a great little bonus as well! 

Drive Thru History Adventures

      The suggested topics and dig deeper sections are great to spark a kiddos interest in making them want to search topics more. My children each have their favorites in history and love learning as much as possible. I look for things in the curricula we use to see if they offer a chance for the kids to go further. That is one memory of school I have myself. Reading this little section about something in a history book that could have been the best thing ever but we never got a chance to go into depth on a topic it was always move on, move on! I feel that Drive Thru History truly wants to broaden a childs horizons and go deeper into the history topics introduced in the videos! 

      The whole video list is on one page for the children to pick from. My son truly loves American History so even things he had read about in the past were still fun for him to see presented in a new way such as a video. He told me he really enjoyed them. To be upfront my son is severely ADHD and holding his attention is a battle so I am always iffy on trying things but the interest was there and it was no problem for him. So I can honestly say these videos have no problem grabbing the attention because they are beautifully made! 


Drive Thru History Adventures

      The girls really enjoyed the Ancient History videos as well. Skyler has grown up in a home where she has always been able to freely explore whatever she is interested in yet Rhyli is coming from a public school background and the difference is just night and day. When asking the girls if they enjoyed them Skyler could say she really liked seeing things she has read about and it was really interesting yet Rhyli was like a little bubble of talkative! Yes she loved them, can she watch the others, can we go to all those places..... She was just truly thrilled with seeing these amazing things that she had barely ever heard of in school. 

      This is another thing I appreciate with this curricula, it is so visual! The kids just adore seeing all this and it is exciting to them. Children should be introduced to so many things to see where their talents and interest lie. A kid won't know what is out there if they don't hear about it. 

       I did print out the worksheets for the kids and they had no problem with them at all. I did discover they enjoyed it more when we talked about them. 

      It was a nice little bonus to receive some little goodies in the mail too! It is always a nice touch when a company cares about their clients!

       As an added bonus Drive Thru History Adventures is offering 20% off for readers of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. If you check out pg. 19 of the digital issue you will find the coupon! You can also get a free set of the Gospels DVD for joining with an annual subscription

      I truly believe these are some of the best history videos that are out there and that your family will enjoy them as much a mine has! You can always do a 7 day free trial as well to really get a feel before signing up for the year. I cannot say enough about these videos they really are just that great! Check them out on social media and read the other great reviews by the crew to learn even more!!

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