Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Our Review Of English On A Roll

          Thanks to The Review Crew I was given a chance at reviewing English Grammar Teaching Method from English on a Roll. This year I have gotten to try so many new things and I have realized that with my older son Fox he is really a hands on kid. He struggles with things that are just written on a page. We have tried some grammar type games in the past but sadly none actually clicked. Thanks to English on a Roll there is now a multi sensory approach to grammar instruction. The program can be used by anyone five years and up so no worries about which level for this or that!

English on a Roll
     The set includes a sturdy plastic case which holds 40 color coded cubes to be used during the lessons. The lesson book consists of 37 lessons. The program starts out very basic and moves into harder topics. The lesson book is very thorough in explaining everything. It answered any questions I could possibly have in a very straight forward down to earth manner. It also includes a cube guide so you can very clearly see which cubes are which. 

     Each color is meant for a different part of speech, such as noun, pronoun, article, verb and so on. The set also includes question words and punctuation. You can also use the cubes for up to six students, so there is no need to purchase several. This is another plus in my eyes to the program. 

     The lesson manual also included pages for the student which you can clearly see are copies. The company doesn't expect you to buy a whole other student book. Again, this is a plus for me. I appreciate companies that realize that truly is the best approach. To me that is less waste as well as a more economical choice for families on a budget!

     The cubes also have a few blank ones with removable labels to make others in the event they are needed. The lessons require almost no prep time at all. There are vocabulary words and games to practice the things you have learned as well in the lesson book. 

     I also enjoy the fact the lessons build upon each other. There is plenty of review to this program which is fantastic for struggling kiddos. Besides being a wonderful help in grammar it is also handy for struggling readers. The pictures on the pages are very neutral. They aren't babyish yet they aren't so adult a younger child wouldn't enjoy using this. 

     If you have a kiddo like mine who truly needs to be hands on then this Multi Sensory Structured Language (MSL) Program is the way to go. I haven't seen anything like it and I have enjoyed using it with my son. I believe it is a beneficial program to all those kids out there that need that tactile experience in their educations! 

The company is willing to send samples as well! Another great idea which I love for companies to do. If you are still a bit confused on how the program works you can also view the video to see it in action. 

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