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Our Review Of Rigid Wrap With Quick Sculpting Clay

     When you have an artsy kid you will be amazed at all the products available to them that you may never have heard of! When I was given the chance to have Skyler use and review the Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik-Sculpting Kit from ACTIVA Products I was sure to jump on that offer. The company also included a wonderful e-book called ACTIVA Products' Favorite Sculpture KIDS CRAFTS that was full of projects ideas as well. It was great having pictures and directions for projects for those of us who were completely unfamiliar with the product. This is similar to paper mache but way cooler according to my kiddo. 

Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik-Sculpting Kit
ACTÍVA Products
     Skyler was eager to try it out I on the other hand was a tad bit scared because honestly it looked hard! I am so grateful God gave me a big brave girl though because she was such a trooper! Out of all the possible projects she chose a simple one since she had never used this before and wanted to get a good idea of how it worked and what she could do with it. We received a box of two rolls of the Rigid Wrap and one bag of the powdered CelluClay. There are some directions included in the box for some Rigid Wrap projects but the e-book is much better!

     She decided on doing the butterfly and since the pattern was nicely printed right there on the box she was off! First she cut out the pattern in cardboard. 

The next step is to cut strips off of the rigid wrap roll and place them in water. It reminded me of the material that had been used to make my daughters cast after an incident a few summers back. 

      Next you take the wet strips and just wrap it around your pattern in one direction, making a second layer going in the opposite direction. Once I saw her just moving right along with it I felt like it was pretty simple and straight forward!

     Now after your pattern is all covered you have a few choices of drying it. There is of course air drying, the oven and the microwave. Skyler decided to go the microwave route. We did place it on a paper towel before putting it on a plate. I was worried if it some how got stuck to the plate she would be upset but paper towel can always be picked off. I was impressed it didn't stick at all! Now it was warm to the touch so parents please use caution!! 

     I was thrilled to see that it cooled quickly and was nice and hard for her to paint. It wasn't half done or anything it turned out great! She had a blast painting it!

     She held it at all angles it never bent or cracked while she painted.

     TA DA!!! From some rolled crafting paper a beautiful butterfly emerges!! She really had fun using this out of the ordinary craft kit. She did try to play with the CelluClay but since there were no directions in our box it didn't turn out very well. I told her we can check the website for them but she was determined to make it work herself. Anyone who is into art knows that learning about different materials and making mistakes will happen so we had a good laugh and a good mess, then she gave up on it. I think she enjoyed making the butterfly so much and was so eager to paint it that anything else just got in her way. 

 Please check out this wonderful products online as well as reading what other reviewers are saying!


Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik-Sculpting Kit {ACTÍVA Products Reviews}
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