Friday, April 21, 2017

What We Did Before The Sickness Came!

     Well two weeks ago started out pretty good! We had a Monday a pretty positive Monday but, by Tuesday they were both down for two weeks. Coughing, fevers, ears it was basically sick season at my house and when one started to feel better the other would spread it right back! It was ZERO fun and I hope never to have to do it again. With multiple kids and past history I am sure I will, but hey, one can pray!

     She is still working away in her All About Animals Journal. It is almost done and I have NO idea where to go next as there is no other journals dedicated to animals. I am sure we are about to have a heart broken kid soon. This week she had decided to use the science kit about the desert zone. Her first experiment was to learn about sand storms and how desert plants have adapted to life in that type of climate. 

     She then used her Creative Writing Journal. I honestly have little clue as to what she writes about because she won't let me read them. That is totally fine as her writing is all hers!

     Fox worked in his Are You a Math Genius book, finished his book about Alexander Graham Bell and started his IEW High School Essay Intensive program. This is a review item so blog post on that soon! Fox has issues with writing, math as well. He is just a busy kid and would rather tell you a story than write it. I don't expect any of my kids to write novels (unless they want too) I just want them to be able to put their thoughts on paper if the need ever arises!

     I found adorable little painting projects at Five Below and since it was a cat she was all on it!

     Turned out amazing!! That was our, before the sickness came activities! So now everyone is better and it will be school as usual!

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