Friday, April 7, 2017

Peek At Our Week 26

    This week just flew by and before I knew it well it was just over! Maybe that means it was a good week! Skyler was setting all her stuff out Monday morning and I just had to take a pic of it since she went to so much trouble. She is really enjoying the All About Animals journal she is using as well as her other stuff. Skyler is a HUGE animal lover so when this journal came out I knew it was for her! 

     She of course has picked mainly animal type things for her studies I have tried to put a bit more in there for her. For the most part she is easy to please as far as reading and she likes the books she is using. Skyler is a slow reader so they take her a while to get through. She takes her time when she reads and she can tell you every small detail about her books characters. She is using Pignapped for her science as well as some science kits I found on ebay. 

      The Passport to the World book is just beautiful. It has extra long pages to open up and sections for each continents and their animals. It even came with a little passport to put animal stickers in for each continent. She really likes this book. She is not crazy over Life of Fred Math but she is better with it than she was Math U See. Math U See was wonderful for many years with all my kids but this year it just became impossible. Both Fox and Skyler hit brick walls and tears soon flowed. It became a nightmare to get through the day and I had to find something else. 

     So between the Life Of Fred and the extra math journals by The Thinking Tree I think we are covered. We also use Kahn Academy. 

     I had found one of these Engraving art kits back when Skyler had done the Kitty Doodle journal and she has been asking for more ever since so I was pleased as punch when the new store Five Below opened locally and they had some. She was more pleased when they were of course animal based! 

     Math Mysteries is one of the math journals she is using. It had animals on the cover so she don't fight! I really like the book because it is Mad-Libs style. She picks numbers to make math problems and stories and of course there is drawing involved so she likes it! She is also using Multiplication Games and Minecraft Math Mysteries.  She uses Life of Fred every day in her journal and she alternates with the other three books. We also have started a lot of cooking so she is getting math there as well. 

     She uses our ancient Animal Encyclopedia to research animals for her journal. We have had this book for years. The binding is falling off but she refuses to get rid of or replace it! 

     Fox is my project boy and he loves science kits. Lately he has had a fascination for slime so when I found a kit for five bucks I had to get it for him. He even changed some stuff up doubling the recipe, adding glitter etc. He plans on researching more ways to make slime, he is all boy after all!

     I love when they still play together!

     I had found the ecosystem kits by Ein-O and I have been letting her pick whatever one she wants to do this week it was oceans. She learned about the salt and how you can remove it from water. She also learned how some animals live in the salty ocean and some don't! 

     Here she is doing her art! This will eventually be a portrait of wolves it will take a while because she is so into the details. 

     Fox is using a Life Of Fred book in his journal as well as Are You Math Genius journal. He also uses Kahn Academy. He too is doing cooking projects so I am trying to give them math for the real world with plenty of exposure to different concepts. 

     It was a pretty busy full week! Fox as usual was doing his work in hiding. 

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