Friday, April 28, 2017

Peek At our week 27

     We had a totally full and busy week!! After being off for two weeks and all of us sick it was a welcome change! They had no issue getting back to journals and science kits.

   Fox is loving all the science kit use. I have pretty much given them free reign to use them whenever they want and he takes full advantage of it. He decided to play with some water on this one. 

     The object of the experiment was about water pressure. To put an open container straight down in the water but the paper in the container stay dry. They did this over and over again! He even got Damian to join in. As usual he didn't enjoy writing but he seems to tolerate IEW High School Essay Intensive. I think maybe it is because it is a DVD program and not me teaching. 

     Not quite sure why he felt he needed a cauldron on his head for school but hey, whatever works right?

     They used their Yum-School cook book to make up some brownies this week! 

     They started doing geography this week that will become our Wednesday thing from now on. They are both using Thinking Tree books, of course! Fox picked the USA (go figure) and Skyler picked the world as she said!

     Fox has also started using the Money book by The Thinking Tree once a week to research all different types of occupations. 

     For anime art class Skyler had a Black Butler Tea Party and it was amazing! The creativity this teacher and these kids have is just amazing! She is learning so much about art and drawing. This is just an amazing class and I am so grateful that she is able to participate in these things with our library.

     She also was blessed with a new book to read from the review crew. Lately she has been truly interested in women especially young girls who have made history. 

     And of course Fox decided on another kit this one for inventing a bridge. I really like these kits they come with no directions just a bunch of pieces and ideas to build things. This kit is for a bridge. It required him to stop and think for a moment that is for sure.

      That is about it for our week. I am glad to put the sick behind us and look forward to better weeks ahead!!

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