Friday, November 18, 2016

Peek At Our Week 12

     The week before Thanksgiving!!! It was a pretty full week even with pottery on a break. Skyler is still working away with her minecraft journal from The Thinking Tree. She is learning all about mining, rocks, minerals and anything else that we can throw in there to go along with it! She also started a new writing book again from The Thinking Tree

      1/4 of the way through the school year and I am still loving The Thinking Tree products! 

     I am fairly sure that she must have her cats nearby to do any school work. The little black kitten was suppose to be a "find a home for kitten" well she is of course in love so looks like he has a new human. 

     This a writing project in her minecraft journal. She is learning all the different types of salt mining.

     Here she is doing a cut and assemble mineral crystal shapes. I got this from this site as a free download. I felt it went great alongside her minecraft journal. Please ignore the stain on her face, she decided to play with leftover fake blood from Halloween! What can I say my kids are just crazy. 

     I found this metal art kit at our Dollar General and again felt it was a great add on to the minecraft journal.  Of course Fox had to get into the fun and they both spent the rest of the day making Christmas presents for a certain much loved big sister.

They also made frames for their works of art.

Damian has a had a big full week as well.

He made some blueberry blue cornmeal pancakes. I had to order the cornmeal! It was extremely different from pancakes that I think of. The texture, the color it was just different.It wasn't bad though. 

     Damian also learned about clams and made an anatomy model from this site. This site has a ton of freebies and I suggest you check it out! It has something for everyone. 

     Damian also made these yummy salt seared burgers! They were delicious. 

     I have never used just kosher salt to fry a burger but, YUM!!! Very very good! Fox like the other kiddos was busy this week as well. He started a new Thinking Tree writing book too. Fox detests writing, I mean he will offer to clean the house and even scrub the litter boxes to get out of it. I have high hopes this will help. The journals got him reading so there is always hope!

     We also played around with lighting a light bulb with a battery. 

     Fox also put my new shelf together, it is going to be my holiday shelf! I am excited about this, it is something I have always wanted so should be fun!

     Hopefully within the next two weeks I can get it all set up for Christmas School! I also hope everyone is ready for Thanksgiving and has had a great week too!

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