Friday, November 4, 2016

Peek At Our Week 10!

What a busy week! Two  field trips, school and me working! I think we accomplished quite a bit though! Not many projects this week sadly. Skyler and Fox both started their new journals though!! Massive excitement there.

I am so thrilled to say I actually helped edit this book and make up a few writing prompts! Now my daughter gets to use it!

She was also thrilled with her new computer class....

This was too perfect not to have together! This is a piper minecraft computer and it is awesome!!! This was something she couldn't wait to sit down and make her brother help put it together.

Those blueprints are HUGE! I am so excited for Skyler to use the minecraft book! We have been waiting a long time for this!

Damian did do a little unit about baking soda for a project this week. We didn't totally slack!

Fox had his pick between a few different journals and I was kinda surprised he didn't pick minecraft as well.

Every year the Stephen Foster park has a old timey kinda day so we went this year and after a few pictures and a few minutes all my kids were just ready to go! It was horribly crowded and my kids just weren't feeling it!!

We did stop by to see the amazing pottery teacher though! She is our favorite by far. We also watched them make cane syrup because that never gets old either.

We came home and spent the afternoon decorating for Fall. 

Skyler had to make a little fairy garden of course!

We also got to stop at homeschool park day with awesome friends! 

It was wonderful that this little cutey from the highway managed to score a great home as well. Strays are my weakness so I am almost always looking to home a puppy!

I was very impressed to receive this from my oldest childs' college. I am a proud momma!!

We finished our week with the history museums astronomy day. This happens once a year and it is always fun. It is almost an hour drive so it was even more fun getting half way there only to hear Skyler say, she forgot her shoes! We found some flip flops at Dollar General and had a great night together.

This artwork is also 3-D and it is amazing.

This cool guy told us all about how they are growing plants in space.

We had such a full week and such a fun time! 

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