Friday, November 11, 2016

Peek At Our Week 11

     The week seemed to fly for us. This is the week that we get a new president so I thought I would give the kids a bit of background on elections. I don't follow politics, I really dislike the whole bit of it and whatever I did learn in school has long since been forgotten. The elections this year could not be ignored since Trump and Hilary spark such massive emotions in people. 

We got out the Amanda Bennet Elections study and the boys got to work. For Skyler I just added a book to her pile of reading for the day. 

I got this book years ago on a clearance sale and forgot I owned it. "America The Making of a Nation" This book is one of those interactive type things it has pull out pieces and such. I truly enjoy these types of books. It seems they were a big deal then kinda faded out but we still have quite a few of them and we still enjoy them.

So of course the library with their amazing internet was a must!

We also worked on Skylers piper computer. This is a wonderful project and for us quite challenging. The forum community for the piper has been a huge plus in this project and anyone who gets one should surely use this. 

Skyler managed to do a Fall project and a crystal growing project this week.

The boys are both waiting on things to be shipped so they didn't get to any projects this week. My kids of course had fun doing school with their animals though!

Well that about wraps up our week. Hope everyone else has had a good one and not too many people are crushed over the elections results!

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