Friday, November 25, 2016

Peek At Our Thanksgiving Week

     We didn't do a full week of school so I am just counting this as a few days not a week. Besides our wonderful Thanksgiving we did some regular school on Monday and Tuesday. 

     Fox has had fun using the new Lego Crazy Contraptions. I was very leery on trying this book since the last lego book was just impossible unless I bought so many more pieces. So far this has been working out. He made something that resembled a hand held mixer and a grabber. It was neat to see the way things work together. 

     I am amazed I managed some pictures of him with a shirt on! Damian enjoyed making brain sludge out of vinegar and milk. 

     Skyler had some fun breaking geodes. These again are a project that went well with the minecraft journal. 

     We also did our traditional turkey hands for Thanksgiving. This was started years ago as a cheap craft to occupy them and it has just stuck. Even my big girl joins in still. She also had to remind me that next year she may not be here. Next year she will be at university and just like that there will only be three hands. So it was with bittersweet tears that I spent the evening going through all the past years hands paintings. They paint their hands, then they draw the feet and beak when it dries and last they write the things they are thankful for around their turkey hands. 

     I hope everyone has had a blessed Thanksgiving and a great week!!

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