Friday, October 21, 2016

A Peek At Our Week 8!!!!

Seems like Skyler has a new friend to do school with! Her and her soft heart for strays is gonna get me in trouble one day.... He does enjoy the catnip she has grown though!

She of course still does her reading with Stella Luna! She is now reading the Professor Astro the Cat book about space now.

So of course I had to add a kit! You all knew that though, right? I adore science kits they are the best thing ever for homeschoolers! So we did some space experiments this week! We went into the closet a few times to learn about how your eyes adjust to the darkness, If it is easier to see white writing on black paper or white writing on white paper and we made a constellation viewer. I think the constellation cards that came with this are just adorable.

She also made a sword in anime club.

Fox is once again trying to build all the projects from the lego book now that we have ordered more lego pieces from the company. We went through that book and was sure we ordered everything he needed and of course we were wrong! I am so angry with this book and so is he. You go through and where it says what you need it doesn't list all the pieces. So when you start building you find you need something else. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!

On a brighter note he finished his ADHD Thinking Tree Journal!! YAY FOX!!!! Review on this in the works with a video!

Damian made meringue cookies. They actually turned out which shocked me because they looked like a huge mess while we were making them.

We finished off our week by going to park day with some homeschool friends!!

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