Friday, October 21, 2016

The Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

This is the first field trip I have managed this year. I think taking the boys was pushing it a bit! They spent most of the time telling me how bored they were. Skyler had a blast meeting up with other friends though so it wasn't a total loss. 

At least I got a smile out of Fox!

They jumped on a giant pillow. 

Skyler really enjoyed this rolling thing. We did it several times. Well, she did not the boys because they are just too big now. They repeated this over and over to me allllllll day!

She told me milking a real cow was way more fun! She has only done this when we lived in Indiana. She was six, but I guess it is a pretty good memory for her.

I have to admit the spooky trail had very little appeal. In years past when we have been here they had stuff turned on this year it was all turned off and much was broken up. 

She had to ride the pony of course! I think this was mostly because her friend wanted to ride. Skyler has kind of lost the whole pony/horse adoring lately. 

She shot corn out of a cannon! 

At this point Damian will no longer even look at me. He just kept asking if I knew how old he was. I guess I can forget such things!

Two little girls with two little pumpkins!

They had to go again, just one more time they begged!

It was a fun day even if the boys think they are way tooooo old for such nonsense! Some day they can look back and remember the mean mom who forced them to go to the pumpkin patch, one last time. 

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