Friday, September 27, 2019

First Week Of Fall Peek At Our Week 3

       This was the first day of Fall so we celebrated with an apple bar! Apple cider and apples to dip and mini apple pies! I also made apple cider bread but before I got a pic of it the kids had it almost gone so apparently it was pretty good!

       The kids really enjoyed their first day of fall celebration. They are still working on getting into the swing of things with doing school. 

       They have also gotten in the habit of doing school at night while I am at work so during the day we can hang out and work on stuff they need help with. I am thinking next week we need to start doing some experiments in science and searching out some field trips. It has been hard finding field trips we haven't been on a dozen times before that they actually want to go to again!

        Hope everyone has been having a great back to school time!

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