Friday, April 19, 2019

Peek At Our Week 28

        After a billion computer, camera and Internet issues I think I am finally back up and running! I think between me and all the kids the sickies have finally passed us along as well. Seems like one of us has been sick every other day for weeks and waiting for the computer parts to come in to repair this thing has been NO FUN! We are still moving right along waiting for summer break though! A few weeks ago Skyler informed me she is tired of forensic science and just don't want to do it anymore so we had to switch some stuff up for her and she is now learning all about the environment and how to make it better! I had to get her a kit, I mean I am science kit queen so of course she needed a kit!

        The first project up is learning about how water is cleaned and filtered for us to have safely to drink. I think she went overboard on cutting up the activated charcoal pills!

        We made a concoction of dirty water first. It had dirt and cocoa in it. After we had our nasty water we poured it through this handy water column. The first level is the charcoal and dirt, the second is just dirt and the third is a plain water filter. The idea is that it will come out semi clear or at least clearer than what we started with. 

         If you can see the water is a bit more clear still way too dirty to drink but she got the idea of the process. We also watched some videos from YouTube on the subject as well. Fox has been enjoying one of the books from Guest Hollow Kitchen Chemistry called Taste. We did a quick little experiment on sweeteners this week. 

        We basically got some different types of sweeteners and taste tested them. Fox was all right with this until we got to the last one which he did not like at all. He said he has no idea why anyone would ever use that to make anything taste better! So truvia is obviously not a thing he ever wants to see again!

        It was fun to see the different reactions from the different tastes. How long each one lasted and such. The truvia really was not good and surprisingly it also has a weird odor. I have never thought to smell and sweetener before but apparently Fox did and it was gross. We also discovered how saltine crackers can clean a taste out of your mouth and Fox was pretty happy about that! He is such a picky eater and we try so hard to get him to try stuff so this little trick is now his favorite new thing!
       It was a pretty good week and we are all looking forward to summer!

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