Monday, September 9, 2019

Back To School!!!!

       We started our school year!!! Sadly no big party this year the time sort of snuck upon me and with working nights things just don't get planned! We still had a fun week going through what the coming school year would be about and having a not so scary ice cream party to celebrate the full moon and Friday the 13TH. I can't get over how big my kids are!

        Since last year did not go as planned Fox will still be doing his senior year, which is no big deal since graduating last year was a year early anyway!

       Party Pinching had these adorable free label downloads for scary sundaes so I literally through this together that very morning! My hot cocoa bar from Christmas turned into a sundae bar!

        To learn all about the harvest moon I snagged a freebie from Teachers Pay Teachers! My kids finally did the Oreo cookie activity about the moon that literally every other kid in the world has done. I admit it I hate those cookies and i hate buying those cookies even more so it is something we never did. They had fun though so I am glad we finally got around to it. 

        We also studied how light plays with making the moon appear different colors. 

       It was a great first week with my very older children! It seems like each year things get a little less "fun" now that they are older. 

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