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Our Review of Fix It! Grammar Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)

Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)

        I was so excited to have my son Fox use Fix it! Grammar by Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW). Anything to do with Language Arts drives Fox bonkers. We have tried so many things and he absolutely hates everyone of them. Trying to teach him to diagram a sentence drove us both to tears so I was thrilled to give this program a shot with him. The lessons are short and to the point, only about fifteen minutes a day. The program is to be used four days a week. As with any other program though I am sure it is simple to fit it into your schedule. 

       It was wonderful to receive both the student book and teachers guide to the first book in the series, The Nose Tree. The teacher's manual does include a download link to print the student book. You could skip buying the preprinted version if you chose too. 

        Fox got started right away and had no issue doing it on his own after we discussed the way the program works and the expectations he was to meet. So this program also gets points for being independent. Fox is not a little kid any more and he truly don't like his mommy sitting over him to do school. 

          I chose the first book in the series since we had zero experience with the program. I had never even heard of it before. There is a placement test you can have your child complete though if you are unsure of the level to begin with. With Fox not liking any grammar program and always struggling book one was idea for him. 

        Basically each day there is a sentence  the child must rewrite in a separate notebook and correct in the workbook. There are also cut out index cards to use as a help in remembering grammar rules. The child also has a vocabulary word to look up each day. None of these things take very long and the lessons are straight to the point. He isn't having a hundred different things thrown in his face each day. By the time the book is finished he will have rewritten the story using correct grammar. This is a lot different than the traditional grammar programs that take so long each day. 

        The program is 33 weeks long and each book takes up to a year to complete. With older students you could always double up on the lessons to complete it at a quicker pace. I will say that Fox is very against writing in every way. He hates Language Arts and anything to do with it yet he has had no issues using this program at all. He is no longer trying to diagram a sentence or doing endless drill and kill worksheets. We started the program with just a daily lesson and by the second week he was doing two a day. 

        I highly recommend this program to anyone who is burned out on traditional grammar programs. It is so easy to understand and less time consuming. Fox will continue this program and move into book 2 by next year. I have already decided to use this with my other child as well. To check out using the other levels or more of this one please check out the crew reviews below and IEW on social media. 


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