Friday, May 3, 2019

Peek At Our Week 30 Field Trip and Teen Academy

       We got to start our week off with another field trip!!! My kids love field trips and I love the museums home school days. They are so hands on which is how my kids learn best and the people there are just so good with my kids. It was of course better since we got to take a friend again!

        We started our trip at the butterfly rain forest. My kids have been here a few times but it always amazes them. 

        So many butterflies to see and they are literally everywhere!

        Seems like there are always little butterflies hatching when we walk by and it is always the coolest thing ever!

        The kids really enjoy talking to all the people that do these programs. They always have such cool stuff to tell them and they always learn so many new things. 

        They really liked getting up close with butterfly slides under the microscope. 

   I think the most favorite thing the kids did today was to mount butterflies. They all really enjoyed this and even Fox took his time and was so careful with the whole project. 

        The kids all got to make a plant that will attract butterflies in their yard. Skyler will eventually place hers in the fairy gardens. 

        They also learned all about other plants that attract butterflies. Skyler really wants lemon balm in the yard now!

        The kids are still enjoying their time at the Teen Police Academy. This is their second year and I was so happy to see the officers remembered them and were happy to welcome them back. This week they got to learn all about different people that help officers and the community. 

        They loved the helicopter! They were all shocked to hear the price tag in riding that helicopter though in the event of an emergency!!

       All in all it was a good full week and the kids are counting it down to get to their summer break! SO AM I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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