Friday, October 12, 2018

Peek At Our Week 5 And 6

       When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, tis near Halloween!!!!! Halloween has landed here the past two weeks that is for sure! In between decorating we of course did some school too! We always have fun setting up everything for Halloween. This year Skyler was big into helping. Usually she sits back and watches but she took charge of a few projects this year! First up was the living room. 

       Chucky just insists the new baby be by him all the time! 

       sadly we had to put the new member of the family in a cage, she just hasn't grasped that we don't eat the family pets yet!

       Rhyli just adores Little Chucky! 

        Next up is the Butcher's Bloody Bathroom! Skyler had a blast making the toothbrush holder and lotion bottle! 

        We also decided this year to make a cemetary outisde. It needed ghosts as well!

        It looks really cool at night when the solar lights come on. 

        We had a bunch of cookie mixes that I had gotten at a really good sale and Fox has been making cookies like crazy. He was pretty upset that we ran out of butter so he decided to do a little experiment. He read that you can replace butter with apple cider vinegar and decided to give it a try. The cookies tasted a bit different and they were more crumbly in my opinion.

        After that he wanted to try some more ways in making cookies so that is what we did! I was fairly disapointed to not find any actual butter at the store so I had to settle for the imperial stuff. I am sure if we had made cookies from scratch it would have been even more different but we had all these so may as well use them all. 

       First he made the cookies like normal following the directions using softened butter. 

        Second, we made cookies using completely melted butter. Right away you can see the mix has turned really dark. The cookies came out dark as well and to me not as sweet.

        Last we made cookies using apple sauce instead of butter. The cookies again didn't taste as sweet to me and they were almost spongy like.

        You can clearly see the difference in each cookie when put next to each other. Fox had fun, we had cookies for days and it sparked an interest in changing up recipes so it was a fun experiment to do!

        We also watched a really cool movie about the Dark Ages and how the Middle Ages all began. 

        It was a fairly full two weeks. Mostly doing their reading and math and all the other stuff. It gets boring taking picture after picture of kids just reading books! 

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