Saturday, October 27, 2018

Field Trip!!!!!

        Since we are studying Medieval Times this school year, I was thrilled to learn of a museum not too far away! The Medieval Torture Museum! I knew it would be a fun day! The kids adore Medieval and field trips so win win!! I really wasn't prepared for the amount of torture though! I never dreamt there were that many ways to torment a person. I will warn you the pictures are pretty graphic. This stuff don't phase my kids but it may phase you! Skyler was also amazed at all the things they did to so called "witches". That was almost a field trip in a field trip for her! We posted all of that stuff on her Magic School Blog.

        Group pictures are becoming so rare!

        Fox rarely asks for a picture of him but he couldn't resist when he saw the knight!

        The Executioner greeted us inside....

         I am not sure what this poor soul did. I would say it had to be bad bad bad but...this museum taught us you were harshly punished for many things!

       These "tools of the trade" look horrifying and honestly I didn't even want to know what they did with them!

       Of course there was a guillotine. This is what you think of when you hear medieval times!

        We all have the days we wanna lock up our kids!!!

        TORTURE SHOES!! I mean really? They were pretty creative in those days. 

        They gave new meaning to small confinements!

        I could not imagine having my feet burned. I always thought stepping on a Lego was torture....

        Could you imagine cracking a joke about the government and having your tongue nailed? Over 90% of Facebook would be punished!

        Forget playing poker guys!!!

       I have no idea why they used these and I don't want to know!!!

       I have seen this on a documentary before and the very thought sends chills down my spine!

        Hanging seems so tame. 

        This is absolutely horrifying to even think of.. I am not very fond of rats to begin with other than the ones we used to have as pets. 

        Voicing different beliefs were not a very good idea!

        Apparently there were ways to torture every single part of your body!

        Being a Poe lover, Fox adored this one!

        Well, now we know where this idea hailed from!

        We know where Hell Raiser got the idea from.....

         Skyler refused to wear her bandana but the other kids were happy to pose with theirs! It was an awesome fun day. All of us decided we would never break a medieval law if we get sent back in time!

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