Friday, September 21, 2012

Week 3

The highlight of the week was Skyler starting book 6 of Explode The Code! GO SKYLER! She is doing so well with reading. I am so pleased with her! She is learning to round to the tens in math and is struggling a bit. We just keep working on it as long as it takes though.

No point in moving on when she hasn't yet grasped it! I also had to do about 100 reminders for their glasses again. I have never seen children hate their glasses as much as mine do! It was a really hot week and they all argued over the daily bike ride.  I hate hate hate to be hot but the riding really helps them all calm down so I stuck with it.  The only thing that was really new this week was the grammar for Damian. It has not been a fun thing at all and we both dread doing it very much. Cost wise buying a new program is not possible at this time so I have been using this. He is doing much better with it and it's free so I can't complain much.  I also have come to realize they all need more practice with word problems in math. I usually take pictures of all the fun stuff but this week I took some of actual school work. You know, the boring stuff, math, grammar etc. If we could just do projects all week I would be much happier. If life was reading stories, making lapbooks and creative stuff I would be thrilled. Sadly I think I would go broke on paper and ink.
Here is Skyler with her grammar
Here is Fox doing some math practice. He thinks these dry erase mats are too baby for him. I think they save paper lol!
This is our evil cat Hush. He terrorizes all of us. This day he decided to nap in the Seamans chest Fox made for history. We don't dare move him. We all feel that we have enough battle scars from him.
 I of course had to throw in ecleast one thing they made lol. This is a 3-D map of the voyage Columbus made. It was fun learning he used a quadrant when we made one last week! Fox asked how anyone ever got anywhere when they all thought they were over in Asia all that time! They are still reading Naya Nuki for History and really liking it. They really want that girl to get home. We will finish that book off this next week.

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  1. We've been using the Scholastic 3D maps this year too. Love the kitty in the box!